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These sites are using ResizeFly

Tobias Grau

The relaunched Tobias Grau website uses the True Responsive Add-On to deliver the optimal size to every viewport and the Progressive JPEG lazy-loader to maintain fast load times while also providing big hi-res images.

Screenshot tobiasgrau.com

Der Leser

Der Leser (The Reader) is a German-language website that’s a collection of reviews of magazines, newspapers, comics and catalogs that appeared between the Thirty Years’ War and yesterday. To deliver a fast endless-scrolling page, the site utilizes the Blur-Up and True Responsive add-ons.

Screenshot derleser.net low quality images Screenshot derleser.net with all images loaded.

What others are saying

Thank you so much for such a brilliant solution for WordPress Image Sizes! No more painful time consuming regenerating image sizes. Yay!

I love all the settings as well! It’s so nice to be able to see all of the registered image sizes right there in on place plus the option to Restrict Image Sizes is just wonderful! Oh and on top of that we can even add new image sizes right there on the settings page! Just wow! Thank you so much.

The idea to only generate thumbnails that are really needed, with the added flexibility of specifying sizes dynamically, is quite obvious and a real miss in wordpress. Sites can get very big when all sorts of plugins add their image sizes to the the website, creating a lot of unused images.

This is plugin is very well written and works great! I would recommend it.